We're not a simulator company.

That's one of the most difficult things to explain to our customers. Well, what are we, then? We build simulators, after all. We even try really hard to explain why they're particularly good simulators. So why aren't we a simulator company?

The biggest reason is this: Our customers aren't really buying simulators. They're buying experiences. When Ford asked us to make a simulator for the Ford Raptor SVT, a Baja-inspired special edition of the F-150, they weren't really asking for three struts and a seat. They were asking us to deliver the experience of driving the Raptor.

In the end, none of our customers hire us to build them a simulator any more than you're hiring your ISP to drag a wire to your house. Sure, if they can't do it, you won't be very happy - but if that's all they do, you're not going to get what you really came for.

So even though we build simulators, our real job is to find out what our customers need, and to deliver that. Sometimes that means we make custom cars and tracks, sometimes it means we modify our motion platforms, and sometimes it means we don't even build anything you might recognize as a simulator in the first place.

In the end, our commitment isn't to making simulators - it's to making sure our customers can do whatever they need to do, whether it's having a blast driving with their buddies in the garage, training for the next event, delivering a message to their own customers, or checking their hardware before it leaves the shop.

Track model for Ford's Ecoboost Taurus SHO simulator in development

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