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The TurnBox...

...is a high torque, unlimited-rotation force feedback wheel with adjustable rotation range, centering force, and on-board electronic damping.

It uses a powerful low-speed motor and direct belt drive (rather than a gearbox or a series of belts to drastically increase torque from a motor turning at high speed) that allow it to respond rapidly, strongly, and without back-drive torque.

Profiles for individual games or vehicles can be saved and loaded from within our custom configuration software, and the firmware is field-upgradeable. Since the TurnBox uses standard Windows drivers, it will work with any software that supports Direct X force feedback output (though some titles which use 'canned' effects may not be fully supported).

Because we build the wheel from the ground up, including firmware, we're able to implement electronic damping on the wheel's servo controller itself. This is much more effective for getting rid of oscillations than damping which is applied via the game, since it has to 'wrap its loop' around the entire system rather than just the servo drive, and therefore has much higher latency.


Cortex M3 CPU

Low inertia, high torque motor with low reflected inertia for natural feel

Continuous torque at wheel: 4.83 lb-ft (6.5nm)

Peak torque at wheel: 14.3 lb-ft (19.3nm)

4000 encoder counts per revolution

2 or 6 buttons and paddle shifter with internal slip-ring wiring contacts

Quick release available on request


16bit raw DirectInput parameters make maximum use of the wheel's 4000 encoder counts per revolution, ensuring extreme precision even with maximum rotation range

40 to 1260 degrees of rotation, software selectable with software 'hard stops'

Accurate pedal calibration utility takes into account continuous pressure rather than burst pressure to ensure consistent full-scale pedal output

Profile save/load for easy selection of wheel parameters for different games or vehicles

Built-in firmware updater allows easy field upgrade

Full adjustments for force amount (scaler), maximum force limiter (clipper), force non-linearity (expansion/compression of small/large forces), damping, velocity, and spring

No driver needed in Windows, 100% plug and play

1000hz USB update rate

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