It's the latest iteration of our motion platforms.

They're used mainly as driving simulators for event marketing, location-based entertainment, and training. But they've also been customized for vehicles ranging from aircraft to tanks.

What sets them apart? An extremely high performance/price ratio, compact size, and an open API that means they're peripherals, not locked-down systems.

What can they do? Attract traffic to a show booth, bring customers to your arcade, promote your clients' products, have fun at home, or learn your next track.

And now, with the 401cr, continuous rotation: The ability to match the car's real world orientation without washout or downscaling. We are unaware of any other simulator with this ability.

Want something else?

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We've put a new video up on YouTube: We made the classic arcade racer OutRun work with the 401cr, using the excellent PC port by Take a look below or on our YouTube page!




Updated a couple of downloads: First, the rFactor 2 motion output plugin is out of beta and available, and a new version of ForceControl is out.

This update has a couple of nice improvements: First, significantly improved vertical cuing along with a configurable washout lets you fine-tune vertical forces. You can have a low washout with high cuing amounts to emphasize surface texture, or a longer washout and lower cuing scaling if you prefer a subtler feel for gradual elevation changes.

Second, a new feature allows you to scale acceleration forces inversely vs. velocity. Tired of herky-jerky drivetrains bouncing your feet off the pedals in the pits? Turn on speed fade and enjoy a smooth ride at low speeds, with forces fading in as you approach racing speed.

Both of these options are accessible via the Advanced Cuing window, from the Tools menu. Enjoy!

You can grab the new updates in our downloads section.

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